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A Social Media Network With High Moral Integrity.

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VIMee is the World's first Shariah Based Social Network. A free for all platform aimed at providing a safe and secure environment for social interaction with a lucrative reward system for all active users.

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VIMX token is the official cryptocurrency of the VIMee Social Network.

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More exchanges coming in Q4 2019

Our Features

A clean and smooth minimalist layout for showing off all your content, viewing those you follow and keeping up to date with topics of interest.

A powerful encrypted messaging service for keeping in touch whether it be personal, group, or even video chat.

Satisfy your needs for information, entertainment, leisure, or just pure curiosity by subscribing to a wide variety of channels.

Make money, spend money, save money, send money, all on one platform from anywhere to anywhere around the world.

Global Salah Schedule, Hijri Calendar, Built in Qur’an and Hadith, everything a good Muslim needs to support their daily prayer needs.


You as a user, own your data. You can choose who you want to share this information with and how. You own your own content.


Open-source development with an honest and disclosed management system revealing that there is nothing to hide.


The social network runs on independently run servers, instead of using huge central servers owned by a corporation.

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