The VIMee Social Media

A Social Media Network With High Moral Integrity.

The World’s first Shariah Based Social Network. Aimed at preserving Islamic ethics, freedom of expression and re-privatizing user data. 

VIMee ICO 2019

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The VIMee Social Network

Social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate and socialize. It has erased boundaries and brought together people from all parts of the globe. Its a place to make new friends, meet old ones, connect with people who share the same interests, but unfortunately has also brought easy access to many demoralizing content such as pornography.

Whilst providing a safe and comfortable environment to socialize, VIMee also upholds the Islamic laws of fairness by sharing 30% of all profits with its users based on very lucrative algorithms. Users can now earn money in the form of both FIAT and VIMX tokens by uploading content, receiving likes and comments, and also by simply being an active user. 

Being decentralized means VIMee is free from any government or institution influence and as a user, you retain 100% ownership of your data. There is no more need for concern of miss use of user data.

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The Technology

Industry leaders have called blockchain the new internet. A blockchain is, simply put, a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers and not just owned by a single corporation.

VIMee is being developed on the Stellar blockchain. The Stellar platform has a high speed public blockchain, one of the key elements in developing a decentralized social network along with security.

For more information please subscribe to our mailing list and download our Whitepaper.

Our Features

Online Wallet

For storing all those valuable VIMX tokens and FIAT rewards.


Follow and keep up to date with all your hobbies and interests.


Instant messaging service. Keep in touch on a personal level.


All the stories that matter most to you every time you visit.

Group Chat

Come together, share ideas, gather with friends. A must for all social circles.


Edit and upload personal, community or even breaking events.


No social network is complete without a your own personal photo gallery.


Buy, sell, monetize content, ads, sponsors, everything to support your commercial needs.

Qibla Compass

Never feel lost again. Always know in which direction to pray.

Salah Schedule

Globally adjusted salah schedules to fit your exact location.

Quran & Hadith

Read, quote, share and search the holy Quran and Hadith.

Hijri Calendar

Find accurate yearly, monthly and weekly Islamic dates.

The Benefits


You as a user, own your data. You can choose who you want to share this information with and how. You own your own content.


Open-source crowdfunded development, not financed. There is no monopoly by a single company, and no tracking.


The social network runs on independently run servers, instead of using huge central servers owned by a corporation.


Islamic laws are our foundation. No pornography, no racism, gender equality and fairness.


Users earn money by using the platform. All revenues raised will be split with users.


Give da'wah, share knowledge, help others learn about the true Islam. A network where everyone can learn.

Token Structure

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Our team

The people that will make it all happen.

Adi Hermanto

Founder & ceo

VIMee is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Adi Hermanto. With a career and experience of over 10 years in several local and international banks based in Indonesia such as Citibank, HSBC, UOB, Bank Artha Graha and Bank Mayapada, also previously a certified insurance and investment banker, in 2015 Adi resigned from the world of finance and focused on being an entrepreneur.

Andress Y. H.

Chief legal officer

Graduating from Pasundan University (UNPAS) with a law degree, Andress began his career at Bank Artha Graha. With years of experience working in several banks including Bank Mega and Bank BTPN, Andress moved to Koperasi Sejahtera Bersama. His knowledge on the legal aspects in the financial world in Indonesia is what makes him a very important member of our team.

Cipta Ekadyat

Chief creative officer

Mr. Cipta is one of the more seasoned members of our team. Graduating from the prestigious Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) with a law degree, Cipta is a certified law practitioner but runs his own multi media firm. His passion, experience and creativity is why he’s our Chief Creative Officer. He also helps with all of our legal issues.

Desi Suardiastuti

chief ops officer

Desy you could say is a pioneer, she is the first manager at Bank Artha Graha to wear a hijab, something she fought long and hard for. Desy started off modeling during college but after graduation worked at HSBC. With years of experience and knowledge in both funding and lending, Desy’s operational management skills are impeccable.


Chief Tech officer

Hariansyah is the smart kid on the block at VIMee, or you could call him our resident geek. He graduated from Indonesia’s prestigious Bandung’s Institute of Technology with a degree in Applied Science. Hariansyah worked as a supervisor at PT. Astra International but somehow wound up working at Bank Muamalat, Indonesia’s leading Shariah Bank.

Aam Amalia

chief comms officer

Aam is VIMee’s Miss Congeniality. Her experience as customer service and personal relationship manager at Bank Artha Graha and Bank Mega are proof of her public relation skills. Since resigning from the world of finance back in 2013, Aam and her husband have built several businesses in the fields of agriculture, recycling and garment. 

Shehzad Khan

Project manager

Shehzad is a professional Blockchain developer from Dubai. He has developed multiple cryptocurrencies on different Blockchains. He has always stood close with the projects he worked for. This has resulted in high knowledge surrounding the cryptocurrencies market.  Standing this close with multiple cryptocurrency projects has made him strong in business development.

Taufik Rizal Arbai

community manager

Rizal is VIMee’s official bitcointalk’s Indonesia representative. He has years of experience working on ICO projects and has a clean reputation. His knowledge on cryptocurrencies and promotion skills are key to VIMee’s success pre and post ICO. He has made 993 posts, 560 activity, and earned 117 merits. His current position is as Full Member.

Panji Maulana S.

junior developer

Although still quite young, Panji has been involved in many free lance programming projects which mostly involve PHP and CSS, but also masters the basics of Javascript. Panji is currently working at a web development agency located in Bandung, Indonesia. His fresh out the box mindset has helped give birth to VIMee.

Nizar Ramdani

IT support

Nizar’s strong religious background and also his degree from the Indonesia’s National Islamic Institute has been VIMee’s source of Shariah Law. His experience gained while interning at several web development agencies in Bandung, have also given him the basics to maintaining and supporting an internal network.

Ali Ahmad

pr liaison

Ahmad is an experienced cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast. He is also an active member of bitcointalk and has been associated with several ICO’s in the past. His experience and connections have assisted VIMee in growing to become a global brand.

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